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What it is.

This is a newly replaced seawall cap. Upon closer inspection you can see that we patched the seawall key joints.  Too many times we see this is neglected, but the patching of your seawall key joints is a key part of protecting your property. The seawall joints are where your seawall panels meet each other. Patching them strengthens the seawall and prolongs its life.

Why it happens.

When you develop voids, which are holes where your soil is disappearing, there is a 99% chance the cause is due to open key joints in your wall, which allow water to come through during high tide and takes the soil back out with it.

How we do it.

Atkin Marine Services will inspect, and if needed, scrape the marine growth at you key joints, remove any loose hydraulic cement and patch the joints with new 5,000 PSI hydraulic cement.

Another option.

Excavate behind the entire length of the seawall down to the submerged bottom and install Filter-X heavy duty filter cloth.  This allows the hydrostatic pressure behind the wall to be relieved without loosing soil.