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Stop the deterioration of your pilings.

Do you wonder about the condition of your piling?  Are you concerned if they need to be replaced or if the deterioration can be stopped before replacement is needed? Stop future piling deterioration by hiring Atkin Marine Services to provide a free inspection and proposal to scrape and wrap your piling or replace and put a protective layer over your dock pilings. Our piling wrap can address a wide range of common problems that can ruin your pilings, especially damage caused by marine borers. It also prevents erosion due to waves, abrasion from sand particles, and weakening caused by the sun’s rays.

Restore the integrity of your dock.

Wrap Pile with :

  •  56 Mil Wood Bore Preventative Piling Wrap

  •   Denso SeaShield 90 Petroleum Tape ( to kill existing wood bores) prior to piling wrap

  •    All Piling Wrap will be secured with stainless steel fasteners.


Feel confident in your dock

Don’t take a chance on having your dock collapse because your pilings are too weak. Whether it is wood boring worms or constant water pressure causing your pilings to deteriorate, we can help. We offer over 30 years of experience in the marine industry and competitive pricing to ensure you get everything you need.

We can also build and repair your boat dock and boat lift as well.